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Artisan, ecological, sustainable fashion with a great passion for fashion and respect for our planet.

Girona Association for the Promotion of Fashion; is a non-profit association created in 2014 to raise awareness of companies, individuals - both public and private - related to the fashion sector with a clear goal, to promote the growth and quality of all our members through events , initiatives and projects that can give them more prominence to achieve their goals of visibility, marketing and profitability.

Artisan, ecological, sustainable fashion with a great passion for fashion and respect for our planet. We are in a paradigm shift and not just in fashion, in all areas.

Authentic, original, human, respect and sensitivity will prevail. All these latest changes make us rethink the fact that together we can go further and help us build synergies that can give more visibility to our projects.

Agimod, is a pioneering Association in the organization of the fashion event of Girona, GIMODA, which has been realized for four years in a row, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. And we want to continue creating, designing and working, but we also want this not to be a wound in our environment but the seed of a more livable world. We create catwalks that do not live behind the world, sustainable, inclusive, transversal catwalks, where no one is left behind.

We communicate and build initiatives, projects, events that inspire and promote new values in the Fashion industry. Promote a circular economy, fair trade and above all respect for the environment.

This is what unites us all the people who are part of the Agimod Association, the need to create a fashion that makes us enjoy and feel good, without polluting the planet.

We are brands, companies, shops, schools, designers, activities, workshops, but we know how to make a lot of noise, and together we can do much more and increase the visibility of our projects to reach consumers who increasingly demand to consume more sustainably.

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The Girona Association of Sustainable Fashion, AGIMOD, proposes a new project to give more visibility to all its members.

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Reach a very receptive audience with a good event, parade, showroom, networking, interview; on both computers and mobile devices.



Generate good content to increase your brand awareness and strengthen relationships with your audience / followers.


The videos stand out because instead of telling they show. Local and international visibility.
We propose short and fun videos, to make it easier to distribute on the networks, share and go viral.





In just over a couple of years, "Instagram Stories" have become part of the lives of all kinds of users and brands, given the characteristics of this platform. And the main attraction of Instagram stories is to be able to share with your community all those experiences that you consider most relevant to your day to day, both personal and professional. In addition, from a business point of view, it is a powerful feature that further accentuates the main feature of this social network: the visual aspect.

Therefore, from Agimod we will give you a gift before your event, with a story to post on your Instagram to introduce yourself to your audience and have more anticipation.


We want a real impact on your business. We want you to be part of a dynamic association that is committed to its members. The union is the strength, and from Agimod we want to build new experiences with our partners, and with this alliance we will gain knowledge, and most importantly, the ability to have a stronger impact on common projects.

Trabajo en equipo

We will record all the events with video

Performance Showroom parades

For those of us who work in or have links to the world of fashion, it is curious to think how a productive structure that needs constant change to survive is so conservative in its best-known form of communication, the catwalk.

The catwalk is one of the most popular formulas and has the most followers in the professional world, among the sectors most concerned about trends or simply among those who want to know where to direct their purchases to " go "and" be "in fashion.

From Agimod we want to publicize your collection, or reaffirm and enhance your brand image, or present your new product with a great fashion show to surprise and excite your audience / fans.

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Networking Interviews

Live and in person. The link of direct contact with your followers helps to get to know your business better. We promote better visibility of your company, project or brand with a more memorable and generally satisfying experience, as you will be generating value among your community of contacts.

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